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Location: Thames View

This cell is for mums.  Vivienne is a warm and friendly hostess with a great smile and a big heart.  She is married to Lambert and is a mum to three children, Simone, Jasmine and Nathaniel.  Launching in January and located on Thames View Estate, you can bring your younger children along and while they play you can take time to build friendships and your faith.

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Gbenga and Ope's

Location: East Ham

Gbenga and Ope are husband and wife and they have two children Grace and Annabelle. Gbenga is one of our elders here at ECC while Ope ministers in the worship team.  They are a friendly couple who love to laugh. 

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Ricky and Kim's

Location: Barking

Ricky and Kim are a great couple who parent Bethany together.  Ricky works on the sound desk here at ECC while Kim loves to help out with the children's work.  Friendly and kindhearted, you are sure to receive a warm welcome from this lovely couple.  

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Location: Barking

Trish is married to Pastor John.  She is a friendly, kind yorkshire lass who loves God and loves people.  You will always get a warm welcome and the offer of a cup of tea (she's from yorkshire remember!) or coffee.

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Location: Barking

Emma a generous soul with a warm smile who just recently started leading her life cell. She is a nurse by profession and a mother of two to Mags and Fasia.  You are bound to get a warm welcome from Emma and her cell who mix fun, friendship and faith so well into their times together!

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Dennis and Christine's

Location: Chafford Hundred

You will laugh and debate in equal measure in this cell.  Dennis is a fun-loving school teacher who is also an elder here at ECC.  Christine is a Community Midwife with a great smile, big heart and a real talent for cooking.  (you haven't lived until you've been to one of her BBQs!)  Originally from Trinidad, they have two adult children, Nathanael and Naomi. Their cell takes on a family feel as parents bring their children along creating a cell for all ages!

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Chris and Fay's

Location: Barking

You will be made to feel right at home in this cell.  Chris is a cockney boy through and through while Fay adds some european flair to the mix originating from Portugal.  They have four children, Rafael, Gabriela, Daniel and Alex. Together they are warm and hopsitable and will make you feel right at home.  This cell focuses on discussing the bible and praying together.

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Anthony and Silvano's 

Location: Barking

 Anthony is a friendly, approachable guy with a quiet wisdom about him - he also supports Liverpool but nobody's perfect!  You will feel right at home in this cell as they share and discuss matters of faith.  There is a real mix of ages, genders and marital status' in this cell so you are sure to fit in.  

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Location: Barking

Conso hosts our longest running life cell having been going strong now for 12 years. Not only that but Conso was the first African to become a partner in our church paving the way for the multicultural family we are today.  She really is going for all the records!  Conso is a kind-hearted and gentle hostess who will welcome you with open arms.  This cell emphasises discussion and prayer.

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Kenneth and Sophia's

Location: Dagenham

Located in Dagenham, Kenneth and Sophia's cell would be a great place for you to build friendships in the church.  Kenneth is a gentle and considerate host and his cell reflects that by making each member feel at home.  Married to Sophia they raise their daughter Adonai together.  Their love for God is self-evident and their cell members demonstrate a real commitment to one another. 

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Samuel and Lola's


Location: Barking

You will find a kind and supportive group at Samuel and Lola's cell.  Samuel is married to Lola and they have four children together, Hepzibah, Jedidiah, Ebenezer and Rebecca.  You will often find their children joining in at the cell which gives it a family feel.  They sometimes start their cell with music and worship before moving into a time of discussion and prayer.  

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